Meredith Grant

Meredith Grant
Meredith Grant is an emerging Regional Victorian writer. She has been shortlisted for the Trudy Graham-Julie Lewis Lit. Awards for Prose, runner-up for the FAW Qld. Soapbox Article competition and most recently been awarded runner-up in the Writers Victoria Regional Members Writing Competition. She has also contributed to on-line Journals and had articles and personal memoirs published on-line. She studied Professional Writing and Editing at Ballarat University and has a strong focus on writing non-fiction. Her goal is to become a freelance writer where her contributions will cover her experience and knowledge on topics that sit close to her heart, including Australia's homeless epidemic, teenage depression and Australian adoption matters. She is currently working on her full length memoir she hopes to have published, until then her short memoir works are being submitted to various opportunities and competitions which she hopes will help raise her writing profile.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Writing like a Pro

My title is a little tongue in cheek as one might say.  I have been vigilantly working on one of my many topics for a memior over the past four months, writing, re-writing, editing, cutting, pasting and then re-writing...and so I am so close to finally finishing this piece that I now have 24 hours before the closing date.
What did I do?  Did I make the deadline? Did I submit on time? Did I make the word count, which by the way was an amazing 4000 words max. 
I'm happy to tell you I in fact did make the deadline; after having stayed up unitl 2.00am to ensure it was completed, redrafted and posted on-line the morning of closing.
What then? did I hear you ask?  Well, yes like all professional writers I have edited and re-edited, I read through my work over and over, but at 2.00am I guess my eyes were getting a little fuzzy.
I submitted my work with confidence, a sense of great accomplishment, this was my first deadline for the 2013 and I wrote 3,886 words, I 've made it. Yeah!
And then like all good professional writers, we can't help ourselves can we, we must re-read our work one more time; but this time it's after submission.  And what do I find? Oh, yes you guessed it; a blunder, oh no, not one blunder but two.
I can't believe it of course, I had read this over and over.
So now as a professional writer, I give to you the most precious gift; always read your work before submitting, but don't do it at 2.00am.
My plan now is to re-submit the same re-edited piece elsewhere; better luck next time hey. 
Happy writing everyone!


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